Paul Ryan The Libertarian?

After hearing that Fox News called Paul Ryan a libertarian thought I would post his voting record and other info.

The Republican Party has chosen another big-government fake conservative to run on the ticket in 2012. Looks like they are gearing up to have their base stay home (again) this year likely causing Obama to get reelected. Perhaps in 2016 they will learn that only a real conservative as their nominee will allow them to win the White House.

Here are the facts about Paul Ryan:

Paul Ryan’s Awful Voting Record:

Paul Ryan’s Budget Is Similar To Obama’s:…ryan-vs-obama/

Think Twice About Paul Ryan:…out-paul-ryan/
Paul Ryan Is Worse Than Bill Clinton:…n-bill-clinton

Paul vs Ryan:

Ron Paul Slams Paul Ryan:…_n_847775.html
Paul Ryan Refuses To Cut Pentagon Spending:…agon-spending/


Paul Ryan’s Budget:
- It led to 10 more years of deficit spending
- It added between $5-11 TRILLION dollars to the national debt
- It spent a total of $40 TRILLION over the next 10 years
- His plan REQUIRED the debt ceiling to be raised
- It was an obviously unbalanced budget (in fact it doesn’t fully balance until the year 2040)
- It increased spending over the next few years (it merely slows the rate of spending, not actually cutting spending anytime soon)
- It was was bigger than what we had under Bill Clinton



Source: The Collins,

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